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May 15, 2019
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March 15, 2019

Arguably the best producer in the rap industry recently released his newest project. Metro Boomin’s album NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES came out November 2. Metro produces songs for big artists like 21 Savage, Big Sean, Kanye West and many more.

This is Metro’s first project since his collaboration album Double or Nothing with Big Sean, which released a little less than a year ago. I cannot say that his new album had very much hype behind it. I did not know it was supposed to drop until the day it released. Despite the lack of hype, this is a very good album and made the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200. The album contains 13 songs, which is about the best length for an album if you want to listen to it all the way through.

Because Metro is a producer, he does not rap over his beats. Every song on the album contains a feature artist. Metro had many notable artists on his album: 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Offset, Drake and more. Metro did a great job picking the artists for each track as the beats fit the style of the artists well. This album has a mix of different styles. There are upbeat songs and some songs that are more laid back. This album has about 6 really good songs, which is successful for an album of this size. Some of the best songs include “Overdue”, “Don’t Come Out the House” and “Space Cadet”.

This album definitely exceeds expectations producers’ albums are often easily forgotten, but this one stands out. The album is versatile and can be listened to in almost any situation. 8/10.


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