Saint crowned as Miss Teen Iowa 2019

Syd Walther, Editor-in-Chief

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From 2010 Miss Iowa Junior Pre-Teen to 2012 Miss Iowa Pre-Teen to 2016 Miss Iowa Junior Teen and now Miss Iowa Teen USA 2019, where will senior Kristen Hovda go next?

“I’ve been doing this since I was five,” Hovda said. “At first I only did it because my sister, Ally (Miss Iowa Teen USA 2009), competed. Eventually, I grew to love the feeling, meeting new people from all over the country, and all of the opportunities

Kristen Hovda poses for a picture after being crowned Miss Iowa Teen 2019. Photo Submitted.

included within the system.”

Getting ready for her most recent pageant was nothing new for Hovda. She had done this a million times before. Hovda worked hard throughout the year by perfecting her most elegant stage walk, preparing for interviews, and working to be her mostconfident self.

“Something kind of different that people don’t realize I need is a resume,” Hovda said. “I have had to do interviews with a full resume since I was five years old. At first it was really scary being in the spotlight, but I have learned how to do a lot of public speaking and it comes naturally to me. I definitely would not be where I am today without this aspect and the entire system.”

Focusing on the here and now, Hovda has a lot of responsibility in keeping up with this prestigious title. The next year will be full of public appearances, community service events, photoshoots and a spring pageant where the Miss Teen USA will be crowned.

“I really just want to let people know that Miss Iowa Teen USA is not just about a shiny tiara,” Hovda said. “This system gives you so much more than a day to look pretty. You learn confidence, prestige, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and so much more. I think that’s something people forget, when it should be the most important.”

Helping spread this message alongside Hovda is Baylee Drezek. Drezek is the newly crowned Miss Iowa USA 2019, a title Hovda is looking to hold in the future.

Hovda has until the age of 27 to compete for this title. Until then, she will be spreading her message of self-confidence and the importance of community service.