Xceed xpectations

Jenae Marshall , News writer

The expectation of Xavier students is to go above and beyond. This is not only true in academics and athletics, but also in students’ faith life. Xavier High School hosted their first XCEED conference on Wednesday, September 26. 22 speakers devoted their time to share their struggles, advice and views on specific topics including miracles, tweeting, relationships and locker room talk were discussed.

Each student had the opportunity to listen to Matt Fradd, a Catholic apologist and chastity speaker, and attend three other speakers of their choosing.

Fradd discussed the seven myths people commonly believe about porn. His goal was to untwist the lies and to shine a light on the darkness. He wanted to offer hope to those who are ready to reject the counterfeit and embrace the truth.

“The topic of porn is something that is not discussed and tends to be hidden away,” theology teacher and campus ministry staff member, Mrs. Erica Ireland said. “In order to address the topic fully, we needed to bring it into the light in hopes to institute change.”

After Fradd spoke, students broke off into their sessions to hear faculty and guest speakers share personal hardships and experiences.

“It was all very personal, and I am glad they took the time to be real with all of us and open up about their lives,” senior Katie Cooper said. “It was interesting to see them talk about life and hardships rather than lecture at school.”

Xavier’s Campus Ministry put many hours into making this day possible. They had a great amount of help from different groups at Xavier, including XPX (Xavier Parents of Xcellence) and the parent volunteers. Many parents spent the day making sure everyone was prepared and ready to devote their time to the students.

“I hope that the students were able to hear something that sparked a flame or kept the fire going to keep them interested in their faith,” campus ministry staff member Mrs. Jody Esker said.

XCEED provided Xavier students with a  variety of ways to grow and learn about themselves and their faith.