A Quiet Place

Claire Delaney, A&E Writer

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Suspense. Terror. Shock. These are just a few words I would use to describe the movie A Quiet Place. A Quiet Place, starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, was very different than I originally thought. Going into the movie, I expected to be somewhat scared, but I ended up having to cover my eyes for a good amount of the film. I assumed this movie would be paranormal and similar to every other scary movie that has a cheesy plot, but A Quiet Place takes suspense to a new level due to the silent aspect of the film.

The movie focuses on a family trapped in a desolate town who must be quiet or the creatures occupying it will come and hunt them. Krasinski and Blunt, who play the parents, did a phenomenal job of showing the lengths to which they go to keep their daily routine quiet to protect their children. Through a loss very early in the movie, I immediately was sucked into the story line. I wanted to see their lives, how they could get out, and what they would do if the creatures came. Since the family used sign language because of their deaf daughter, it made communication easier, but they could not get rid of all noise. Noise can be produced by board games, cooking, and the radios which Krasinski’s character uses to try and contact countries to find help, making simple daily tasks difficult. The plot gets even better when the family comes into contact with the creatures and are forced to learn what it takes to beat them.

As I was getting ready to see the movie I kept hearing “it’s overrated” or it was “so predictable.” However, what people are saying could not be further from the truth. To prove my point, I went with my mom, who enjoys scary movies. Despite this, I saw her jump multiple times throughout the movie. A Quiet Place kept me engaged and exceeded my expectations. As I said, I expected a basic story line, paranormal activity, and bad acting like most scary movies. A Quiet Place focused on more than just scaring the audience; it wanted to show the unity of the family, which left me in tears by the end of the movie. Overall, I give A Quiet Place a 9/10 for not being a basic scary movie.

Claire Delaney

A&E Writer

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A Quiet Place