Stores leave Newbo

Maddye Cavanagh, News Assistant Editor

Since October of 2012, Newbo City Market has been a hot spot for small businesses. Surrounded by new stores and restaurants, Newbo quickly became a must-see for both tourists and locals alike. Currently, there are 26 vendors within the market. However, multiple businesses plan on leaving this year.

“I originally left Newbo because I knew we could be getting more business if we were open seven days a week,” Bill Rieckhoff, owner of Great American Popcorn Co. said. “We did very well at Newbo, but eventually business started to level out.” Rieckhoff moved his business out of Newbo in 2014 and currently plans on expanding ouside of his 3rd Street location.

While most companies move out of Newbo to expand their businesses, that is not the case for all vendors. Beverly Blasingame, the owner of Village Tabel, recently left Newbo and does not plan on re-opening.

“After five years of developing and operating the business, I recognized a change in shoppers’ behavior,” Blasingame said. “More online shopping has meant less traffic in small retail shops. Therefore, I decided to close the business.”

Despite Newbo’s hours, many small businesses have found great success in the market. One business in particular, Saucy Focaccia, has won numerous awards, including Top Ten Burgers in Iowa.

“Our ultimate goal is to eventually move out of the market, since the role of the market is as an incubator for start-up businesses to test the waters,” Alycia Andreasen, owner of Saucy Focaccia said. “We find ourselves questioning when is the right time to move out of the market and allow someone new in.” Saucy Focaccia also has a location off of Edgewood Road.

Overall, Newbo has provided small businesses with a family-friendly environment and an accessible location. “When all is said and done, I definitely recommend that entrepreneurs consider trying out their businesses at NewBo. Location and marketing are crucial to success. The public market offers these things and much more,” Blasingame said.

Newbo is open Thursday through Sunday and continues to be a main attraction in the Cedar Rapids area.

Maddye Cavanagh

News Assistant Editor