Saints give thanks

Maddye Cavanagh, News Assistant Editor

This year, the Xavier lunch ladies made 500 slices of ham, 375 slices of turkey, nine gallons of gravy, 40 gallons of mashed potatoes and over 95 dozen rolls. Across America on November 23, families and friends gathered to share food and give thanks. Thanksgiving has been celebrated since 1621 and continues to be celebrated in homes, churches, and schools around America. Xavier High School holds both a Thanksgiving Mass and meal every year. This year, the celebration was held on November 15.

Preparation for the meal started weeks in advance. The Xavier kitchen staff organized and prepared all the food and also served the meal.

“Oh my goodess,” Xavier cook Mary Scallon said. “A lot of work goes into this meal. We pre-cut the meat and prepare tons of food. We also organize a lot of things such as silverware and serving tools. Everything has to be ordered in advance.”

Thanksgiving Mass has been a Xavier tradition for five years. This service is a memorial Mass  to remember those who have passed away in the Xavier community. Parents and friends were invited to the service to give thanks and remember their loved ones.

“We work with the Foundation Office to invite guests who have had someone in their family pass away and are part of the Catholic Schools System,” Campus Ministry Director Mrs. Jody Esker said. “After we receive the number of people attending, we move on to printing programs and making a slide presentation for Mass.”

The Mass takes about three weeks to plan and includes lots of student volunteers. Students involved in Campus Ministry filled roles such as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and helped with the collection. The morning of the Mass, 20 students gathered to turn the gym into a chapel.

Voce, Xavier’s chamber choir, was also involved in the Mass. They performed a song with a special solo by choir director Mr. Matt Walker. The group also sang pieces of their own, along with traditional liturgy music.

“I thought Thanksgiving Mass was enjoyable and very personal because it was also a memorial Mass,” junior Macy Lembeck said.

Xavier plans to continue with this Thanksgiving tradition for years to come.

Maddye  Cavanagh

News Assistant Editor