I’ll be at home

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

When we would wake up on a school day at 7:48 a.m. to join our zoom class right before school started, this was the most efficient, safe and fun way to have classes. I had lots of fun last year, because of COVID-19, going to private zoom meetings with my fellow classmates and being able to work on projects with them. I could also present my projects with the screen sharing option on zoom and it was really fun to be able to move, talk and show my screen at the same time. We also did not have to worry about being seated next to other students at desks. Other students agree with this opinion “I think the benefits of online school was the fact that we could do our work from our homes. There wasn’t the pressure of answering questions in the classroom in front of the class, and we could do our work on our own time. It was easier to focus at home when you didn’t have the distractions of other people or the urge to talk to your friends,” Sophie Rump, a Xavier High School junior said, Not having to get dressed every morning in school uniform and stay in our pajamas was very nice for us as students to stay comfortable, which led us to learn better. When we were done with school for the day, we did not have to drive home, we were already home which was very efficient. In addition, with the Omicron variant, COVID-19 has been so much easier to catch because this new strain is more contagious and we as students are close to each other in classrooms for an hour and twenty minute time frame. The downside to going back online was that we got less social encounters with students and teachers. Some students did not like staying at home for school. “I don’t like online school because it made me feel disconnected from everyone. The lack of social encounters affected me because it made me feel lonely and made me develop bad habits like sleeping instead of doing homework and me being constantly unmotivated.” Delaney Harris, a junior at Xavier High School said. Switching to online school definitely has not been beneficial for many people, cuased them tp start bad habits and not be able to get rid of them. Not being able to get out of the house and get fresh air everyday makes people feel locked inside their houses and made people feel lonely and tired all day. Personally, going online everyday was very efficient for me because I was able to get up and go straight to my classes. I could eat my own home lunch and did not have to worry about getting my lunch and eating it in 20 minutes. We had half an hour to eat. I could eat, relax, and finish up on any homework or studying I needed to in that extra time. I could stay safe in my home and not have to worry about driving to school, especially in the winter. I grew as a person and as a student during this time. I learned how to manage my time, how to get up and be productive, and how to resist temptations like going on my phone and sleeping during class. Online was either a good thing for people or a bad thing. It was a good thing for me and I love all the fun memories I made while online and would not trade them for anything.