Dark rabbit hole

Mary Clare Bean, Opinion Editor

When you are in need to find a video, whether that is a sports highlight video, music video or a craft video, you probably go to the most infamous source…Youtube. I have a love-hate relationship with Youtube. It is very helpful when it comes to searching for something specific and, in my opinion, is one of the easiest apps to use. That might seem like a good thing; being able to have similar videos come up and start them with just a click, but that is where the rabbit hole begins to form. Youtube has become one of the most popular apps especially with the younger generation. Wherever you see a little kid in a grocery store, you see them sitting in the cart, usually preoccupied with a device that almost always has a Youtube video playing. This app has the dangerous enticing ability that keeps kids on the app for hours. The app is the perfect distraction for students to delay doing their schoolwork or doing anything else. Students have learned to watch random videos that keep them on the app instead of doing important things. Youtube has also evolved with the new generation. It now makes YouTube Short, which is essentially the same as a competitor app, TikTok. It has also diminished the competition for streaming sources, such as Netflix, Peacock and Prime Video with YouTube TV. The point I am trying to make is that YouTube is just another distraction that students and kids don’t need. I completely understand that it helps distract little kids when they’re supposed to be on their best behavior, but when the parent takes away the iPad or iPhone, the distraction ends for a period of time, but not forever. Once you start watching YouTube, it is hard to stop, essentially becoming a dark rabbit hole that you can’t always get out of. There are so many videos on the streaming device, approximately 149 billion videos according to PM Exercises. That is an endless source of videos that are a single touch away to kids, students, or anyone. 149 billion videos that you could potentially waste your time making that rabbit hole even deeper.