True Christmas

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

The best feeling is when you wake up on Christmas morning and run out to your living room, with your Christmas tree all lit up with your presents underneath it. You open that brand new Xbox you have been wanting for months. You want to start playing it right away and have so much excitement in your heart. There is an even better feeling out there than receiving that gift you have been wanting for so long: the feeling of giving a gift to a friend or family member, seeing their reaction when they open up their present and love it. “I believe that even though giving presents is a special feeling, I think that receiving gifts is ten times better. I get to see the person who gave me my gifts facial reactions, and I explode with excitement and happiness when I see what I got!” an anonymous person said. Even when you receive that perfect gift you have been wanting, that gut feeling when you know how much you just helped someone is almost better. We, as Xavier students, know this feeling: we do our community retreat day, blood drives, angel tree tags and so much more. I love seeing people’s reactions when they open the present I spent a lot of time and effort on just to see that true Christmas joy that does truly exist. I believe that although receiving a present is very exciting and suspenseful, giving a gift to anyone is much better. You don’t just have to give gifts to people you know; you can donate to your church or can even adopt a family and get what they need for the holidays. Olivet Neighborhood Mission is a non-profit organization that anyone can sign up for and sponsor any family they want. They have a list of things you would get for the family like food, presents, clothing and more. With COVID-19, you would not be able to meet them but you can drop the gift(s) off at the location and they will give what you got to the family. These families really need it. Most of them do not have enough to pay their bills and feed their kids and some of them are single parents. You will be changing a family’s life and know in your gut you just did something amazing for a family who really needs it. That is the true meaning of Christmas.