Every man for himself

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

You grab your coat, keys, money and fellow shoppers and head to your favorite store with the best sales of the year. You will stand in line for a couple of hours so you know you can get that brand new, shiny, good looking T.V on sale. You need to make sure you are warmed up so you can sprint inside, get your cart and run to the aisles crammed full of shoppers. You will either run into the nice shoppers who are using manners and not shoving people, or you will encounter the aggressive shoppers who shove and make sure they get what they want. In-person shopping on Black Friday is better than boring online shopping. You get the adrenaline rush of running inside the store when the doors open, running frantically through the aisles, trying to get all of the items you saw in the catalog that you wanted. You separate from friends and family and create a location where you can meet back in 15 minutes. Your internet is not working so you can’t text the people you’re shopping with because the store has horrible service. You just go into the mindset, every man for himself. Then, you finally find all of your shoppers you came with, you checkout and run to the car to do it all over at another store. However, some people prefer online shopping. “I don’t like shopping in- person because the stores don’t carry talls (size of clothing) and I need them, and you can shop anywhere you want online, not just the stores around you,” Anika Ivester (X23) said. Ivester also said, “I prefer online shopping because having to go try everything on in the store is a pain, sometimes the stores not having my size, then online I can get it and try it on at home, and if it doesn’t fit I can send it back, and I can see everything they sell because everything is online.” COVID-19 has changed Black Friday shopping for the worse. Some stores are only doing online shopping, while other stores are doing both online and in-person. Black Friday shopping just is not the same anymore. Now Black Friday deals last up to a whole week, so no one goes out to stores on Black Friday night. People either sit at home or go to the stores that are not crammed with people and grab great deals. We need to go back to in-person Black Friday shopping, where everyone wakes up early and waits in line just to be the first ones in the store to grab all the great deals.