Bowl digger

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

Right when the sun dips down over the horizon on Halloween night, I sprint to the nearest houses in my neighborhood. I make sure I beat every kid to the golden houses. The golden houses are the couple pairs of homes in my neighborhood that give out full size candy bars. Of course, I’m going to hit up the golden houses first. After the race I slow down my pace, enjoy myself and go house to house slower. When I’m traveling to all the spooky homes, there is only one exact candy I look for in the bowl full of miscellaneous candies. I will dig and search until I find it and I will be extremely upset if I don’t. That candy is the almighty Twix candy bar. It is the best candy bar I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. The soft and crunchy wafer with the caramel in between it and the milky chocolate coating, it makes my mouth water every single time I think about it. It brings back so many childhood memories I have forgotten. It will never get old to me, I will love this candy bar until the day I die. Twix is not too chewy like some candies like gummy bears and tootsie rolls and it’s not too sweet like skittles, starburst and airheads. It doesn’t make my mouth pucker when I put it in my mouth. It just makes me want to eat a hundred more of them. Mars Inc. stated in 2019, that 161 million Twix bars are sold every year, proving that, if they sold that many Twix bars in a year, that people prefer Twix bars over sweet and sour candy. The first person that introduced me to this candy was my cousin Emma. We were trick or treating when we were in third grade and stood at the front of a tall, haunting, white home, which had a bowl of candy in front of it so we didn’t have to ring the doorbell. I grabbed three pieces of candy as the sign suggested. Once I was done, I told Emma, “Let’s hurry and go to more homes!”. Then Emma said, “I can’t find this candy I want.” Next, I specifically remember saying, “It’s just a piece of candy, just grab another candy and let’s get going.” Boy, oh boy was I wrong. She was digging in the bowl for a Twix bar. When Emma and I got back to my house she let me try one of her Twix bars, only because I was her cousin; she wouldn’t have done that for anyone else. When I peeled back the wrapper and took a bite of the Twix bar, I felt like I was in the movie “Ratatouille”. When Remi took a bite of the strawberry and the cheddar cheese, he was lost in his own mind with how good the strawberry and cheese was. There has always been controversy about how Twix, Snickers, and Kit Kat’s are all the same. People say that because they all contain a wafer, they are covered in chocolate and most of them contain caramel. They don’t taste the same at all. Snickers have nougat and peanuts in it, nothing like Twix. Kit Kat’s are just wafers and chocolate, but it doesn’t have that nice gooey caramel in it. In addition, Twix have more flavors and options than just their original flavor which proves them to be the best candy because there is something for everyone and lots of variety. For example they have flavors like cookies and cream, salted caramel and peanut butter Twix. According to the website Snack History, Twix has been sold worldwide since 1999, and can be found in countries such as France, Germany, and Australia. Also, the Mars family, creators of Twix bars, have made 94 billion dollars of fortune with Twix, proves how much people are willing to buy Twix bars in the world. Twix is the best Halloween candy and no candy will ever beat it, not even in a million years. It’s just that good of a candy bar.