A must not watch

Marissa Rushton, Opinion Writer

The Kissing Booth movies stared with a great reputation and was the number one movie on Netflix for a long time. Sadly, the series progressively got worse with each new movie that came out. Personally, I don’t like any of the movies, but if I had to pick one I would say the first one is the best. To be completely honest, they should have stopped the series after the first one. The first Kissing Booth started with Elle Evans and Lee Flynn as best friends thinking of a booth for their club at the upcoming school carnival. Elle had always secretly had a crush on Noah Flynn, Lee’s older brother, who was a big troublemaker at their school. The whole movie revolves around Elle and Lee’s list of rules for their friendship and how it conflicted with Elle’s feelings for Noah. At the carnival, there’s a mix-up and Noah kisses Elle, they then spend a lot of time within a secret relationship in an attempt to hide it from Lee. Eventually, Lee does find out and is furious with both of them. Elle and Noah break up just for him to surprise her at Elle and Lee’s birthday party before Noah leaves for college. Obviously, Lee and Elle become best friends again, as everyone predicted. While the first movie in this series was very eventful and interesting at times, the second and third movies made me feel so angry and frustrated to the point I wanted to turn the TV off. In the second movie, Noah is attending Harvard while Elle is still in high school, as you can predict this caused the main issue in the movie. There was a strain in their relationship when Noah made friends with an absolutely stunning older girl named Chloe, who has a beautiful accent. Meanwhile, Elle has met a new boy of her own, Marco, who really steps out of his place at times. Honestly, in this movie, Noah continues to manipulate Elle and makes her feel like their relationship is struggling and it’s all her fault. While making an effort to support her boyfriend, Elle discovers this new girl ‘friend’ of Noah’s and feels insecure and unappreciated, she just wants a loving boyfriend who will treat her the way she deserves. While she tries to express this to her new friend Marco, he takes it the wrong way and eventually kisses her. When Noah finds out, he blows up on Elle when she just felt hurt because he was giving Chloe the attention and support that Elle needed from her boyfriend. To be completely truthful, this movie in particular is hardly memorable to most people, it is very uneventful and feels very stretched out as if this part of the plot was completely unnecessary to the series. The third and hopefully final movie of the series builds around the beach house that the Flynn family owns. In my opinion, this movie was made solely for the purpose of making more money, not for the entertainment of viewers. Noah, Lee, and Elle are all fuming yet saddened by the fact that the Flynn’s plan to sell their favorite place on earth. I find this very hard to believe because this beach house full of their childhood memories was never mentioned in either of the previous movies, I feel that if it was so important to them we would’ve heard about it beforehand. The teens decide they’ll spend the whole summer at the beach house as a way to say goodbye while Lee and Elle find a childhood bucket list and decide to complete it to make it the best summer ever. As I said before, in the second movie Noah continuously manipulates Elle, however in this movie the roles are reversed. Elle spends most of her summer pouring all of her time into the bucket list with Lee as she leaves her boyfriend Noah in the dust. Yes, a few unfortunate things happen to Elle over the summer but instead of talking through it or being calm, she is way too overly dramatic and annoying about every situation. Whenever something happens, the way she chooses to react makes the circumstance one hundred times worse. Elle ends up spending a lot of time with Marco, a problem creator from the last movie, which clearly upsets Noah because all Marco wants is for Elle to fall in love with him. This infuriates Noah and the only person left for him to talk to about it is Chloe. Neither she or Noah have any intentions but Elle turns around and tells Noah how horrible of a boyfriend he is for wanting to talk to her about his emotions. Again, Elle makes no effort to talk to Noah and actually ignores a kind gesture of Noah’s in an attempt to apologize for something that wasn’t even his fault. Thankfully, the couple finally decides to break up for the last time, until the very end of the movie where the time is set five years in the future and they meet again. As you can see, I would not recommend these movies to anyone unless they feel the need to be confused, angry, and overwhelmed. The Kissing Booth series demonstrates what not to do in a healthy relationship. Yes, the first one was cute, but Netflix really stretched themselves too thin when they made the horrible decision to make The Kissing Booth a series.