The music in me

Rylee Beardsworth

Carole Harder, the speaker at the 2021 National Council for Youth Leadership conference said, “I hope no one goes to their grave with their music still inside of them.”


Although there is always music being played all around me, I have learned through my time at Xavier that there is music within me that defines my time here as well. 


This year as a school director, I have found my passion for leadership. I have loved seeing our ideas come to fruition and bringing joy to the halls of Xavier. Through this opportunity, I have gained a support system that I will cherish forever. Throughout the difficulties of this year, I have had the opportunity to see those around me grow into the leaders they did not think they could be. I helped this community system reach some of its potential and am very happy to pass it on to the next school directors. 


Going on Kairos in March 2020 and leading Kairos in March 2021 allowed me to build the deeper relationship with God I desired. I now am able to talk to Him about anything and He has guided me in the direction I fully believe was meant for my life. 


Being on The Xpress staff for the last two years, I have found a passion for something I never expected. I stepped into the journalism realm to help improve my writing, but I have more so loved the ability to share other people’s stories and put their lives into the spotlight.


The determination, dignity and passions that have been the start of the writing to the music inside of me would not have been possible without these three opportunities. I feel pride in putting on this uniform, walking through these halls and sharing the music I have inside of me with this school. 


Billy Joel said it best, “And these are the last words I have to say. It’s always hard to say goodbye. But now it’s time to put this book away.”


Thank you Xavier for bringing out the music in me and giving me the tools to continue writing the many lyrics that are left to be written in my song.