Wherever I go

Rachel Schneider

“Here we are now, everything’s about to change.” This lyric may be from my childhood idol, Hannah Montana, and it might sound dramatic, but it’s true.

From the insecure freshman who clung to her brother in 2017 to the independent senior woman who’s ready for the next step in her life in 2021, it’s time to reflect on my last four years at Xavier High School. Freshman year, I looked up to my brother so much and I couldn’t wait to be like him. It was awesome to have an amazing older brother I could go to. So thank you Justin, for helping me to find my way at Xavier. My sophomore year was tough. I was more on my own, school was challenging and my friendships began to change. My biggest support system during this time were and still are my parents. Mom and dad, I love you more than words can explain. Thank you for giving me a blessed life. You’ve gone to endless football games I’ve cheered at and lots of soccer games I’ve played in. It’s hard to see your “little baby Ray” leave the nest, but I’ll always be your little girl. Junior year was my favorite. Cheering on the Saints as a varsity cheerleader and embracing school spirit, having a blast at the Homecoming dance with my friends and growing in our relationships and the Kairos retreat altering my faith life immensely. My friends were the main parts of all of these moments. Hope and Maddie, thank you for being there for me. We’re each going to the different state schools, but I’m only a text or FaceTime away.

Finally, senior year. It wasn’t what my freshman year self imagined with postponed and canceled events with COVID-19, but I’ve learned to embrace it. The time has finally come to transition from a Xavier Saint to an Iowa State Cyclone. I have no idea what Iowa State has in store, but I’ll never forget the memories and friendships made at Xavier.

So, as Hannah Montana said, since it only seems appropriate to start and end my senior article with my childhood idol, “I’m moving on, letting go, holding on to tomorrow. I’ve always got the memories, while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be.”