Tangled up

Rachel Schneider

“Frozen” this, “Frozen” that. “Frozen,” “Frozen,” “Frozen.” For years, little girls have been dressing up as Anna or Elsa from the hit animated movie from 2013. The hype surrounding it was through the roof. You couldn’t go a day without hearing “Let it Go” for the hundredth time. Heck, we even had a spring concert where we sang songs from “Frozen” in middle school. What concerns me is how overlooked the other Disney movies are, specifically, “Tangled.”

 I remember watching “Frozen” for the first time, and I admit, I was a fan. The songs, the lovable characters, the message and the comic relief from Olaf made the movie pretty great. I’ve realized, as time has passed, though, that there definitely still needs to be some light shed on “Tangled” as well, which came out around the same time. 

First off, “Tangled” has one of the most beautifully animated scenes ever. I’m talking about the one and only “floating lights” scene where Flynn Rider and Rapuzel are on a boat. The animation, along with the romantic song, “At Last I See the Light” makes my heart swell every time. That song is much more meaningful than “Love is an Open Door” where they mention sandwiches and sing about being in love after just meeting each other.  Really, you just met and are head over heels? Doesn’t  really sound like  love to me.

Flynn Rider is also most definitely my favorite Disney prince. His charming personality and handsome looks could make anyone swoon. Kristoff is great as well but in more of a boy next door type of way. Flynn Rider’s sarcastic personality and life of living on the edge stands out more to me. 

The villain in “Tangled” is also way more intimidating than “Frozen.” Imagine finding out your mom, the one person who has been there for you your entire life, just uses you for your hair and doesn’t actually love you. That is much more shocking than some guy that Anna falls for in the first movie in “Frozen.” 

All in all, “Tangled” is just stronger in general. The  characters, the music and the amazing animation are all superior to “Frozen.” So next time you’re looking for a Disney movie, or even deciding between these two, stop and consider my side. I think you’ll find that “Tangled” always wins, hair and square.