Cheer changes

Ally Burger

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. Xavier’s cheerleading squad has been a sideline cheer team since the beginning of the program. The next season, they will be a competitive cheer team. This means they will go to competitions, competing against other high schools in the surrounding areas, and being scored on their stunts, jumps and tumbling. Many upcoming upperclassmen are ecstatic to finally be a competitive cheer team and embrace these changes. 

“I’m so excited to see the potential of the upcoming juniors and see what we can bring to the table when making a routine and  what we can do against the other teams,” junior  Maci  Schimberg said. 

Not only will they become a competitive team, but they also will have a new coach. Xavier alum Piper Kesselring (X?) is a former competitive cheerleader for Mount Mercy University. She was previously the head coach for the varsity wrestling squad, but this coming season will be the cheerleading program’s head coach which includes football, wrestling and basketball.

“I’m super happy to have a new coach in a new environment. She is so nice and fun. She will make a great head coach,” Schimberg said.

The upcoming seniors also have some goals of their own. 

“I want to have an awesome squad. I want us to be strong and powerful. We have such an amazing group of girls on the team, so I know we can accomplish that,” junior Ava Challenger said. 

Challenger not only wants to have a strong, competitive team, but she also wants to have a close relationship with the girls on the team. 

“As a senior cheerleader next season, I want to grow closer with my squad. I didn’t get to cheer my junior  year so I didn’t get to bond with the team. I’m excited to become a tight group again,” Challenger said.

The seniors plan to work hard to meet their goals with their new coach. They are looking forward to seeing how the upcoming juniors and sophomores will help out their squad and they are excited for a new season filled with change.