A special soul mate

Mary Clare Bean

To some people, a soulmate is a person they are romantically involved with and want to spend forever with. A person that matches their personality, humor and is essentially their other half. While yes, a soulmate can be a person, it can also be something. In my case, “something” is my mini bernedoodle dog, Emmitt. 

There is a joy that Emmitt brings out in not only me, but my whole family. His little tail wag when we walk through the door or when we finally pet him, his back right paw sticks up in the air because he just cannot contain his excitement. Or when he gets  all  riled up outside on our deck and he takes his great leap off our stairs (which we call his super-dog). These tiny, funny things he does brings out the most laughter in our house. 

There is this fun and silly side of Emmitt and then there is his chill side. We like to say  that  he  has  two  different alter egos. The chill and cuddly side of Emmitt is “Tony” where he just lounges around anywhere he wants, even resting his head on our island chair. On some days, if my parents forget to close their bedroom door, we catch him taking a little snooze right on my mom’s pillow. I have also conditioned him so if I sit on the floor in a certain spot leaning against the wall, he will walk over and lay down right next to me so he can get his tummy rubbed. 

This dog sometimes has more attitude and personality than all eight of us Beans combined. That guy has the most killer side eye, which he will give you even if he’s on the opposite side of the room from you. Not to mention the way  he  just quits in the middle of our walks and will not move unless it is in the direction of home. You might not think these are very lovable things, but you can never stay too mad at him for very long, even if he continuously eats hair scrunchies, socks and anything that seems appetizing to him. 

However, some may not believe in pet soulmates, or really soulmates in general. How can just one person be perfect for you? For your entire life? You are constantly changing as a person, so it’s hard to stay consistent and compliment someone else’s personality at the same time. It can also be hard for someone who’s never really had a pet to understand how a pet, an animal, can be so “human” in that way. 

Well, Emmitt is wto me. He is stubborn, hilarious, very expressive and so incredibly lovable. This little guy can steal your heart with just the tiniest wave of his paws when you blow air on his face. He is the perfect final puzzle piece to our family and will forever be my doggy soulmate.