Dress code dilemma

Virginia Russell

Have you ever seen something that does not really make sense? It could be a rude comment towards an extremely kind person or a loved one becoming gravely sick. These are just a couple examples, because there are multitudes of things in the world that don’t make sense. For me, this illogical issue is a bit closer to home, or school, that is. I seriously cannot figure out why girls are not allowed to wear shorts on Special Dress Days at Xavier High School. I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a set reason and that this rule should be modified. 

When you look into it, this regulation is, at its core, sexist. 

The 2020-2021 Xavier High School Parent Handbook states: “In August, September, April and May, boys may wear shorts (but not capri pants) and girls may wear capri pants (but not shorts) on Special Dress Days”, which would include casual, spirit or Community spirit days.Why must girls wear capris when boys can wear shorts? You have to ask, is it so negative for girls to show their legs? The answer is obviously no, but by having this rule, that is the message the school is choosing to portray. 

The thing that irks me the most about this rule is the fact that in other aspects of Xavier, like sports, girls are allowed to wear shorts. Take volleyball as an example. Skin tight, extremely tiny spandex shorts are apparently okay, but knee length shorts for girls in school are not. The same can be said for other sports like track, cross country and activities like show choir, where certain costumes are definitely considered short and tight. If the school’s desire is to create a modest environment for its students, it would enforce this rule in all aspects, not just a certain few. 

However, the abolishment of this rule does not guarantee smooth sailing. It would be difficult to make all the shorts the same length, fit and style. The school would have to implement strict codes to ensure shorts were being worn appropriately and in a way that reflected uniformity. While this would be difficult, it would by no means be impossible. I am confident Xavier can implement a fair set of rules for the shorts, such as the shorts going to the knees and not being overly tight so that girls could not have to deal with uncomfortable pants and/or capris in the warm fall and spring months.

When it comes down to it, asking that girls be able to wear shorts is not a massive plea. I only want an equal dress code, regardless of sex, and a place where everyone can be as comfortable in the school environment as possible. I suggest this idea because I love this school and I firmly believe that the modification of this regulation would help Xavier and its students too. It would help us reach a sense of equality.