Podcast popularity

Allie Andrews

Being able to multitask and learn new things at the same time has been a struggle for many in the past. Technology used to be very limited, but with technology advancing over the years, podcasts have made multitasking and learning new things more possible for a variety of individuals. 

Podcasts are enjoyed all across the world. In 2019, 165 million people said they had listened to a podcast. Some of the most popular podcasts today are “The Clearing”, a true crime podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”, a comedy focusing on celebrities and sports, “The Daily”, focusing on what the New York Times has reported that day, and “The Bible in a Year,” which hit #1 on Apple Podcasts and follows Fr. Mike Schmitz as he reads the Bible in a year. 

According to Voices.com, podcasting started to become more popular in the early 2000s and quickly started trending more between 2006-present. People often listen to podcasts while driving, getting housework done and completing work. According to Statista.com, podcasts are popular for most people between 12-34 years of age. 

“I typically find myself listening to podcasts when I am either bored or doing homework. I like to listen to podcasts where I can learn new things. My favorite podcast is ‘Meditation Station’ by Stin Hansen,” freshman Gracie Hines said. 

Besides listening to podcasts for learning purposes, people often find themselves listening to them for inspiration, learning how to do new things or simply for a good laugh. 

“During quarantine, I found myself beginning to listen to podcasts when I needed inspiration or when I needed to focus. I have continued to listen to them now and I find it very useful to meditate as well when I listen to podcasts,” Hines said. 

There are plenty of genres to choose from when picking out a podcast to listen to, such as comedy, news, history, sports   and   many more. 

“I like to listen to podcasts in my spare time because it helps me to learn new things and they can be motivational. My favorite type of podcast is true crime because they are always entertaining,” sophomore James Le said. 

Podcasts are available through Apple, Spotify, radio stations and more.