I hate avacodos

Anna Tanko

 2% of all high school relationships last. So chances are the boy or girl you’re stressing out about because they left you on read on Snapchat isn’t worth it. Not to say it isn’t worth it to figure out what you want in a relationship and make some mistakes to learn from them, trust me I would know I’ve made plenty of mistakes and let people in that didn’t deserve to know me. However as a teenager, the problem with dating is you don’t always know what’s ok and what isn’t. How do you know if they’re manipulative or toxic? That’s for you to figure out on your own. Ladies, if the boy with fluffy hair and pretty eyes also tells you your purpose in the relationship is to send certain photos or do physical things, he is not worth it. Boys, if the girl with the sunshine laughs and that one style you love makes you feel invalidated and tells you to man up, she’s not worth it. There’s plenty of other red flags, like millions, and guess what? You could have some too. You might be the toxic one. I know, it’s a shocker you’re not always the victim. No matter what, there’s a few simple rules you need to remember: 1. If they wanted to, they would, no ifs ands or buts. 2. No one is entitled to stay in your life if you don’t want them there. 3. It doesn’t make you a bad person to reject someone or break up with someone, boundaries won’t set themselves. 4. It is not your job to live up to their expectations of you. 5. (The most important one) You are worth love and acceptance. You are worth having someone love you not just because of your fluffy hair or pretty laugh. You deserve someone who will love you because of the little things about you. Date someone who wants to love you and doesn’t feel like they have to love you. Date someone who loves you because you hate avocados, cry during Pixar movies, and how your voice changes when you talk to dogs. Date the person who wants to know you and love every part of you, because you deserve that.