Eighth graders and parents discover Xavier

Lizzie Leu, News Writer

On November 16, Xavier High School welcomed students and parents from the Regis, LaSalle and St. Joseph’s middle schools for Discover Xavier Night. The event was held to promote the school and help incoming freshmen learn what Xavier has to offer.
In years past, the evening was held in January. However, in an effort to get more information out to the middle school families sooner, the event was moved two months earlier into November.
“January was a little late, and we were afraid they had already made their decision on where to go by then,” Admissions and College Coordinator Mrs. Cara Joens said.
The evening began at 7 p.m. with presentations in the Regis-LaSalle Theatre and the
Schubert Commons. Parents and students watched Discover Xavier Night videos and learned more about the school from talks given by Xavier teachers and students. Before the presentations began, the band also played “When The Saints Go Marching In” and Xavier’s fight song “Fight On” for the enjoyment of the middle school families.
The evening continued with student tours. Incoming freshmen were given the opportunity to see the school and get a feel for what it would be like to walk the halls as a Xavier student.
“I learned that high school isn’t as bad as it seems,” Regis eighth grader Griffin Vogl said. “I’m excited to play high school sports. I play football, basketball and baseball.”
After tours, students attended the activity fair in the gym. Representatives
from every Xavier activity set up booths and encouraged eighth graders to consider joining their clubs the following year.
“I discovered that it’s okay to go to Xavier if you’re not Catholic,” Regis eighth grader Jenaya Devereaux said. “I’m not Catholic, so this made me feel a lot better about next year.”
After the activity fair, parents had their chance to tour the school. The evening concluded with a parent social in the commons.