Deja Vu

Rachel Schneider

Wake up, go to school, get some coffee, come back home, zoom, take a shower, do homework, watch Netflix and sleep. Then just do that for several months and that’s basically how each day feels for me. Except it also gets super dark at around five thirty. I can’t be the only one feeling like I’m in that one episode of SpongeBob where Squidward literally does the same thing again and again. 

   This school year has been nothing but normal but I can’t help but feel like I’ve been stuck in an endless case of the Mondays. Sure, there have been some days that have been a little different like where I have cheered at a boys basketball game or have cheer practice. Other than that, I’m basically just vibing past these weeks that don’t have much importance to me. To me, January and February are the least important months of the year. There’s no Christmas joy anymore. It’s just gross snow and it’s like I’m in a winter depression instead. 

I’ve been trying to switch it up by doing some ab exercises here and there, finding some new music that I’ve never listened to or picking up that one book I haven’t read since August…but no matter what I seem to do, it’s like I’m stuck in this funk and it only happens at the beginning of the year. My lack of motivation has plummeted to a new low but I always tend to bounce back here and there, but for some reason, it’s more likely in January and February. 

January and February can be fun if you make it out to be but there’s not much that happens around that time that’s super exciting so you have to make your own exciting plans. The only thing you can look forward to is maybe having a snow day and getting a little break from school. 

It’s not fun at all to be in the middle of the most boring months. It really makes me feel like nothing changes, even when I know big changes, especially for us seniors, are about to happen. I guess all I can do is push through and look forward to brighter days when it doesn’t get dark at five thirty.