Fresh starts at Xavier

Ella Tallett

The television radiates excitement when the ball finally drops and everyone around shouts, “Happy New Year!” However, it is more than just a change of the calendar that friends and family alike are cheering for. It is a new, fresh beginning.  

This next year, in 2021, the Xavier community will have three new staff members: Meg Hansen, Sam Meyers and Jon Berger.  

Meg Hansen (X00) worked at Parks & Schmit Orthodontics prior to coming to Xavier and will be the Administrative Assistant to Xavier’s President and Principal. 

“I choose to come to Xavier for many reasons, with the main reason being to have the opportunity to work in a Catholic environment,” Hansen said. “I am most looking forward to working alongside such an amazing group of dedicated individuals. The warmth and kindness that I have received in just the few days that I have been here has been wonderful.”

The second new staff member at Xavier, Sam Meyers (X17), was a student teacher with Mr. Kadlec this semester and will be teaching biology courses. He also will continue to coach football, baseball and basketball at Xavier. 

He, like Hansen, had similar motives for coming to Xavier. 

“I chose to come to Xavier because of the amazing community. Xavier is so supportive to all of its members and I am glad that I can be a part of the support system. Catholic education is a huge passion of mine, so I am really excited to be in a role that can help students develop in a Catholic environment,” Meyers said. 

Jon Berger, another new staff member, was an art professor at Mount Mercy University and a freelance graphic designer. He will be an art teacher next semester, teaching classes such as video production and graphic design. 

“I am most looking forward to being part of and fostering a student community of artists, designers and thinkers who do some artsy-fartsy things to make artwork and express their beliefs and views,” Berger said.

As a graduate of Regina Catholic Education Center in Iowa     City,  Iowa, Berger also said that he is eager to work at a place that feels like home. 

As the Xavier community, along with the rest of the world, heads  into the new year, let everyone have the same energy and spirit as Xavier’s new teachers and be hopeful for the things ahead in 2021.