Lend a helping hand

Ava Hunt

As Booker T. Washington once said, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

On Saturday, November 28, the Cedar Rapids community and surrounding areas celebrated Small Business Saturday along with others around the world. Xavier High School recognized numerous small businesses who support Xavier, while also highlighting the need to support them during the current pandemic. 

Three small businesses were emphasized because of their endless generosity towards the Xavier community, especially during these hard times. Inspired to Sew, SCOUT of Marion and The BookHouse have supported Xavier throughout the year by making donations, connecting with people in the Xavier community and more. 

One in particular, Inspired to Sew, a local shop that sells fabric, thread, kits, supplies and more, gave a little insight on the importance of giving back and remaining positive during this difficult time. 

“The pandemic has motivated us to find different ways to reach people and to keep our team enthusiastic to honor our team commitment,” Jill Reicks, owner of Inspired to Sew, said. “We are inspired to serve others. This activity [serving others] helps us to be able to help people to be inspired to sew.”

Many in the Xavier family love to support  and  shop  at  local  businesses.

“I shop at SCOUT of Marion because I’m supporting a Xavier family, it’s local and it’s very trendy and unique,” Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Tracie Marshall said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many businesses. While owners are trying to find ways to maintain  their businesses, there have been some unavoidable setbacks. 

“Because we are primarily a book fair business, we have been highly impacted. We love to have books available for kids to flip through and peruse, and during this time, it just is not possible,” Jenny Koechner, co-owner of The BookHouse, said. “We have a few schools doing online book fairs, but it just is not the same as having the excitement of the carts rolling into your school and picking out that next great book.”

While many small businesses in the area are finding ways to give back and help the people around them, it is also important to help them in return. One student in particular gives their input on the importance of shopping local, as a frequent customer of some of these small businesses. 

“It is especially important to support    small  businesses  during  this pandemic because they are losing some   of  their  business,” junior Emily Sanborn said. “Students can help support small businesses by shopping local, shopping small and by sharing what small businesses they enjoy with others.”

There are a lot of ways that the Xavier community can help and support these  particular small local businesses. 

“You can support us by letting us inspire you…we would love to teach you to sew for fun and for gifts,” Reicks said. 

During these trying times, it is important to remember to come together and help one another get through. Students and patrons of the community can do their part by supporting local businesses, like Inspired to Sew, SCOUT of Marion and The BookHouse, which will support and boost the community overall. One can find all of their needs for gifts, items for homes and kitchens, books, craft supplies and more at these stores. This is just one of many ways one can lend a helping hand.