Xavier alumni develop ACT app


Nick Drahozal, News Writer

The ACT is known for its difficulty and significance. Xavier alumni Adam Keune, Ben O’Connor, and Alec Whitters have created ACT Mastery, an app to help students better prepare for the ACT. The company is giving Xavier students the oppurtunity to use the app for free.
Higher Learning Technologies (HTL) is the business that Keune, O’Connor, and Whitters have invested their time and ideas into. HTL also creates similar apps for students seeking licensure in professional careers such as nursing and law. HTL has helped many students around the world by providing them with test preparation resources through technology.
Keune, O’Connor, and Whitters wanted to give back to Xavier for the foundation it has provided them.
“These young men credit Xavier for their work ethic, their creativity, and their willingness to take on a challenge,” Principal Tom Keating said.
Each student at Xavier was given the opportunity to use the ACT app free of charge.
One of the reasons Keune, O’Connor, and Whitters gave Xavier students access to the app for free was to provide feedback to the company.
“They had us open up the app and navigate through the app to find certain things,” senior Alaina Marti said. “I also gave feedback on how accessible the app was and what else they should add to the app.”
The ACT app has sections that will help students prepare for the ACT. Each section of the app provides questions to help strengthen an understanding of a certain subject. Some students may find the app more readily accessible and easier to navigate than the ACT practice book. With the free accounts provided to each Xavier student, students have the opportunity to master a certain subject for the ACT.
Xavier highly recommends that students take advantage of this app.
“I absolutely recommend that students use this app,” Mr. Keating said. “The other apps that Higher Learning Technologies have designed are shown to make a significant difference in the test scores of students who use their apps.”
The ACT is a challenging test and without preparation, it may seem overwhelming to some students.
With ACT dates approaching, students are taking advantage of free access to the app.
Senior Samantha Valenta said, “I use the ACT app because it breaks down individual subjects, and then you know what you need help on.”