Senior year

Riley Cornelius

Senior year: the year everyone looks forward to throughout high school. It’s supposed to be the best year and full of memories. Except, it doesn’t feel like that this year, at least, not yet.

I know the current state of the world is the “new norm,” but it honestly is a bummer. We are over a fourth of the way done with senior year and it feels like little has happened due to missing our senior homecoming dance, because this couldn’t safely take place with health and safety protocol, and the various modifications to other events. If the virus continues, more and more activities that we know and love will be cancelled or changed.

Last spring, at least from a junior perspective, it felt like everyone jumped through hoops to make up for the class of 2020 missing the last two months of their senior year. Now, the class of 2021 is faced with a similar start to the end of their year. It’s not the same for us because we knew our senior year would be different, I get that, but it is still difficult when others tell us that our senior year is better than theirs or not different from past years. This year is still challenging for us.

Yes, there is a student section, but it feels so disconnected when everyone is spread out.

Yes, there is a hybrid system where we can attend classes in person, but with social distancing, I’m lucky to see maybe half of my class.

I know it could be worse and there’s not much we can do, and my heart goes out to all of those who have lost loved ones during this time and who have family members who are sick and hospitalized, but I still have the right to be disappointed about all of this. I’m missing out on high school memories. Adults will say in 15 years that these high school memories won’t even matter and I recognize that, but it is hard to let go of something I looked forward to.

On a greater scale, many people are being forced to miss out on certain milestones this year due to COVID-19, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family vacations, etc. It’s valid for everyone to be upset about missing out on memories or these been altered, especially if you’ve been looking forward to these milestones for years.

Seniors, especially, despite all of this, we can still make the most of our senior year by giving our all into the activities that are modified and that aren’t canceled. We still get to be the leaders of the school, lead cheers in the student section and partake in our activities. The class of 2021 will make amazing memories in our funky version of senior year. The world will (hopefully) return to normal soon. Just know it’s okay to be upset, your feelings are valid, no matter what COVID-19 has changed for you this year.