Cedar Grove Court

Anna Tanko

I sincerely apologize to the people who live in the Cedar Grove Court of 42nd Street by Seminole Valley Road, because you probably have seen my headlights in front of your street quite a few times. However, you should be proud to live there because your street is one of the highest points of Cedar Rapids and the views are absolutely amazing. You can see the city lights and amazing stars. Of course, I have never trespassed nor do I encourage it, but I do encourage finding yourown stargazing place.

That place was revealed to me on November 16, 2019. After I had a falling out with someone, my sister took me for a drive and showed me her spot: Cedar Grove CT. We parked in the street and sat on top of the car and ate ice cream, just talking. Then we left to drive down the roller coaster hill outside of the neighborhood. When driving down this super steep hill, you can lean out through the sunroof and look at the stars. You won’t stop smiling.

This place is very special to me. I have gone there crying, I have gone there with some of my friends I love most and I have gone there when I need to feel close to God again.

Some people don’t go stargazing because they think they don’t have time and their schedules are too full. However, it doesn’t need to take too much time at all, you decide how long you would like to go and when you’d like to go.

Maybe you haven’t thought of going. Perhaps, you don’t even know where to start in finding a place. You can find amazing places, though, even just in your neighborhood on a long board with friends. Or you can drive around looking for a spot, obviously not trespassing on private property, making it your own, letting the best views make you feel more alive than you have in years.

Again, I sincerely apologize to the residents of Cedar Grove CT, but going to that place on November 16, 2019 made me feel like myself for the first time in a year.

If life has been feeling slow and numb lately, get in the car on a Friday night with some of the people you love most in the world or by yourself and go looking for stars. Listen to some Miles Carter and remember you have so many more places to make yours.