Rainbow bridge

Greta Schaub

3:21 a.m. on Friday was the last time I ever saw you. I held your little body wrapped in a blanket and pet your tiny paw one last time. I never would have thought just five short months after I adopted two kittens, I would only have one.

I will never forget the day I met you, sweet Basil. I went to my friend’s house and picked you and your brother up. The connection was immediate. Your body was the size of my palm and you nuzzled right in my arms. I fought so hard for you and your brother, Basil. I made presentations, saved money, made promises. I convinced my family to embark on a journey we had never been on before: getting kittens.

Those five short months with you were packed with so much fun. Tons of cuddles, constant playing, so many pictures. The whole family grew to love you and your brother deeper than we ever expected. My dad let you sit on his desk when he worked from home. My mom let you sleep on the top of the couch. My sister and I fought over who got to hold you. We bought you and your brother oh so many toys. You even befriended our dog.

If we would have known what was going to happen after such a routine neutering surgery, we never would have let you leave the house. The freak accident during the surgery led to numerous hospital visits and medications, until it was time to say goodbye. I am so sorry that you only got to see five months sweet boy, but I hope those were the best any kitten has seen.

Some say that dogs are far better than cats, but you taught me a level of love that I have never known. A love for kittens. Thank you for giving me a connection to cats. Thank you for bringing me closer to God. Thank you for loving me in a way I never knew animals could love. Thank you for staying strong for so many days and fighting with all of your might. Thank you, Basil.

I have heard there is a rainbow bridge that all animals cross when they pass. I have heard there are feathers and snuggles and toys. In my heart, I know that you trotted your way right across that bridge on that September night. Never forget how loved and missed you are, sweet Basil. Until we meet again.