Brotherly love of football

Rylee Beardsworth

The love of Xavier football runs deep in many families.

As the Xavier football team prepares for their trip to the state tournament, five of the senior players have found motivation in trying to accomplish what their brothers did three years ago: Nick Tobin, Xander Eberle, Lincoln Oakley, Jack Lux and Nick Lemke. Gabe Lux and Jack Lemke, older brothers of Jack Lux and Nick Lemke, were captains of the 2017 state championship Xavier football team. Now, Jack Lux and Nick Lemke are the captains of the 2020 Xavier football team hoping to create their own legacy.

“I hope our legacy will be that we brought the fourth state championship back to Xavier, and we were the ones who defied all odds,” J. Lux said. 

Winning the 2020 state championship would bring pride to more than just the players of this year’s team.

“It would mean a lot to me to see the Xavier football program get another state championship, and it would make me so proud to see Jack be a part of such a successful season,” G. Lux said. “I know he and his teammates have put in countless hours of hard work at practice and watching film each week, and I could not be more excited to see their continuous commitment pay off.”

Even though their commitment to football has been time consuming, the team has been taught to cherish every moment of it.

“The main thing he [J. Lemke] taught me was to never take anything for granted. He said that he misses everything about football and that everything goes by extremely fast so I need to soak it all in,” N. Lemke said. 

The passion for football that both pairs of brothers share has strengthened their bonds.

“I would say the main way it has brought us closer is just growing up with it. Whether that is watching NFL together or playing football in the neighborhood, it has always been a part of our lives,” J. Lemke said. “Also, the fact that Xavier football has not really changed makes it super easy to talk to him [N. Lemke] about his practices and maybe throw some jokes in too.” 

The Lux brothers also have a very close relationship.

“Gabe and I argue and bicker a lot , but in the end we are super close and we have a lot of fun competing and bragging about different things. I learn a lot from him,” J. Lux said.

Gabe Lux explains how being able to teach Jack Lux different things has been an honor for him.

“Football has definitely brought us closer as brothers, in which we can bounce ideas off each other and find ways to improve each week. It has been really meaningful to be able to take some of the experience I gained and incorporate it into his [J. Lux’s] approach,” G. Lux said. “If there is one main thing I tell him, it is all about doing his job each and every game, and that is the most important thing to focus on, the rest will follow.”

As Nick Lemke and Jack Lux prepare to lead their team into the state tournament, they are keeping all of the lessons their brothers have taught them in mind and not getting ahead of themselves.

“We are preparing for state by taking it one game at a time,” N. Lemke said. “We are extremely focused and we are studying our opponent so we have the upper hand.”

Come join Gabe Lux and Jack Lemke as they cheer on their brothers and the Xavier football team as they take the field at the UNI Dome on November 13 at 7 p.m. against North Scott.