Tik tok takeover

Madelynn Dake

Is social media safe for all ages? TikTok is one of the top free apps in the App Store today. The app allows creators to upload short video clips of songs, dancing, art and more. TikTok is an app that millions of people use, but there is debate over whether it is appropriate for younger generations. There is a lot of positive content such as anti-bullying, body positivity, and comedy on the app, but many parents have noticed some negatives as well. Not every parent believes that some of the content being made on TikTok should be viewed by younger Children. Mali Rushton is a second grade teacher at St. Pius X Elementary School, and she has some reservations about the app.

“We just let our middle school daughter get this app. We have strict time limits on anything social media,” Rushton said. “Social media has become such a part of our culture, and now all these studies have shown the links to anxiety and depression with the more time people spend on social media and what they are doing on it.”

Despite recognizing negative elements of the social media platform, Rushton sees the positive side of the app.

“Some positive experiences my children have had using this app has been the sibling interactions and making TikToks,” Rushton said.

Rushton’s daughter, Ella, is a seventh grader at Regis Middle School. While Ella certainly has a more positive outlook on TikTok, she agrees that there should be certain age restrictions.

“Some positive things would be you can be really creative and it is another way to communicate with friends, but I do think the age minimum should be 12,” Ella said.

Despite its many positives, parents are still wanting to look out for their young kids.

“As a parent, it’s important to find balance and protect your child. There are positive things that can come from social media too,” Mrs. Rushton said, “But the longer you wait to get social media the longer you are allowing your child to be a child. You want them to develop their own self-confidence and self worth.”

Whether your opinion of social media and the culture that surrounds it is positive or negative, it is evidently a part of today’s world. As social media continues to be a bigger part of the everyday lives of younger generations, it is important to find ways to make it safe and fun for everyone.