“Noises Off” takes the stage

Allie Andrews

Bringing some good news to this crazy year 2020! The Xavier Saints are ready to perform their fall play “Noises Off” on November 13th, 14th and 15th starting at 7pm. These actors and actresses have put countless hours into this show and are excited to show their audience. The play was originally supposed to be performed last spring but due to COVID-19 it will be performed this week. Besides the new performance dates, there was also recasting because some of the original cast had graduated. 

“Recasting was really similar to regular auditions. The difference was, we had some people who were already staying in the room for specific roles. We’ve never had to do that before but then again 2020 is a really wild year,” Head of the Drama Department Colin Battien said. 

Battien will be performing in this year’s fall play and is excited for the audience to come and watch.

“It is an exciting show, with lots of harmony, and lots of twists and turns that you might not be able to predict. The set that Mark and Rod has built for us is amazing. They put so much hard work and effort into it and we are so happy that they were able to build such an amazing and detailed set,” Battien said. 

The director of this show, Mike Cervantes, has prepared for all COVID-19 guidelines.

“All safety guidelines will be in place, the audience must wear a mask and be 6 feet apart, the seating will be every other row and all cast and crew members must wear masks as well. Each performance will have a capacity of 164 people so everyone should get their tickets early,” Cervantes said. 

Both Cervantes and Battien agree that this show is hilarious. The cast and crew has worked very hard on this play and cannot wait to show the audience and hear all the laughs.