Freshmen learn about digital citizenship


Ellie Fischer, News Writer

During Xcel hour on September 30, the freshman class attended a presentation on digital citizenship. Six different speakers stressed the importance of using technology responsibly and leaving a positive digital footprint. Principal Mr. Tom Keating, Police Officer Josh Bell, seniors Daniel Richardson and McKenna Andersen, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Danie Clancy, and Father Dustin Vu contributed to the presentation.
Mr. Keating started off the hour with prayer and a brief speaker introduction. He reminded the freshmen of the responsibilities that come with social media and the dangers of acting irresponsible.
“Once you send something to someone else, it does not belong to just you anymore,” Mr. Keating said. “It belongs to the world,”
Officer Bell took the stage next. Bell primarily focuses on the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force. He explained the legal repercussions of using social media irresponsibly.
Seniors Daniel Richardson and McKenna Andersen gave student perspectives.
“I think it’s very important to give the freshmen a more current perspective so they realize they are not alone and have somebody to relate with on the topic,” Richardson said. “I’ve experienced a lot with iPads and iPhones over the past few years and want to make sure the freshman don’t end up making the same mistakes I’ve seen my peers make.”
Mrs. Clancy stressed the impact of leaving a positive digital footprint. She challenged students to ask themselves if what they are doing is worth it.
Father Vu concluded the presentation by encouraging the group of students to be mature and use self-control.
“It was important for our class to hear that message,” freshman Sara Kram said. “It was a good reminder of what can happen, and it could help prevent future problems.”