The act of respect

Rachel Schneider , Opinon Writer

2020 was not what we were expecting. Sadness and troubling times have come upon us and honestly through all of this, I’m most disappointed in the lack of respect people have for one another. It’s like we’ve totally lost that part of ourselves and we just don’t care about others whatsoever. It’s very scary to see people act the way they do and just completely disregard others and think solely for themselves. 

      In the past, whenever I would see people disrespecting teachers, I would just roll my eyes and wait for them to get a scolding, but now more than ever, I have realized that disrespecting people isn’t just in the classroom. It’s out in the real world too and it’s time to speak up about it. 

     Respect goes beyond the classroom and into the real world too. Every person you see and meet deserves some basic level of respect. If you give respect, you get respect back. Simple as that. What I cannot understand is how blatant and obnoxious the people in our country today are acting. 

        I wish we could just come together as one and beat the odds. No matter our political opinions, no matter our differences, we could just do what we are told and maybe 2020 wouldn’t get any worse. For example, even if masks don’t work one hundred percent of the time, it’s common respect to wear one. It shows you care about others and respect them enough to help make our country safer. Sadly though, it’s been the exact opposite and people are out fighting with others about masks and how they’re taking away their rights. They are a piece of cloth, and a helpful way to fight against this deadly virus. Wear one please.

     Others may argue over the fact that the person they’re disagreeing with is really mean so they don’t deserve respect, or their opinion is so wrong that they shouldn’t be treated with kindness. While it’s fair to be upset over something, please do it respectfully. We are human beings and we need to wake up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around each individual person. 

      I’m so over the lack of respect and the fights that break out simply because people don’t care about others. I’m tired of this. Please do your part to be kind to others and just respect people. That’s all I’m asking. Respect everyone around you. Teachers, family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Be the bigger person and hopefully we can get through this together.