The little things

Arwen Gilbert

In life, there are always things that you won’t appreciate until they’re gone. This quarantine has really made me realize that. 

On March 13, 2020, I, along with my classmates, were looking forward to a week of relaxation with no classes to worry about and the rumor that we wouldn’t be coming back to school after spring break. Of course we were excited, but if we knew what was really to come, I think that excitement would have quickly faded. Did we think we would miss prom or that the seniors wouldn’t get to walk across that stage like they had been dreaming of since they first stepped into Xavier as a freshman? No, at least I didn’t. I was really sad that I wouldn’t get to go to prom my junior year, have our last Voce tour and choir concert with Mr. Walker or get to officially take our place as seniors at the last day of school Mass. But, there are so many little things that I am missing out on, that I didn’t even realize were important to me until I couldn’t experience them. Breakfast during Xcel, affirmations in choir, laughing with my friends during passing period as we completely clog up the foreign language hallway (sorry about that), the satisfaction of finishing my last final, Kwik Star trips after school, driving Ms. Boenker crazy in English, visiting Nurse Naeve for some Advil and not being able to have a birthday party with Mr Greene. 

These past three years have flown by and I know that eventually I’ll blink and I’ll be wearing my cap and gown saying goodbye to a huge chapter in my life. So, my goal is to take in all the little things, because the littlest moments can impact your life in the biggest way.