Bye bye bye (bye bye)

Michele Barnum , News Writer

When I started my freshmen year, I never thought high school would be okay. Friend groups were changing, people were mean and classes were suddenly hard. From how things started, I really did not think things were going to go well. Yet, it went so well.

As I reminisce on my past years, I become excited for my future. I am beyond excited to go off to college and to be in Portland, Oregon. I know that because of all the people in my life, and the impact they have made, I can be happy. I cannot wait to meet the people I will call my best friends. And when I am a doctor or famous or a famous doctor, I will know that these were the good ol’ days.

Some of my funniest and favorite memories come from Xavier. Whether it be when I started the wave in California at BPA, watched people literally fight in musical chairs at a pep assembly or remade TikToks during class. I know that despite some of the rough memories, there will always be good ones that shine through. 

My advice for those in high school is to try and make the most of it. Trust me, I know that some days are terrible and that some people are terrible, but being able to finish senior year is something my class and I will never get. I am most sad that I will not be able to make some final memories in the classes I hate or with the people I barely talk to. So take advantage of the time that you have and make the most of it. It is so incredibly worth it.

Now as I leave high school forever, I say, just like my good friend Justin Timberlake, “Bye bye bye (bye bye).”