A zoo of fun

Virginia Russell, Opinion Writer

Do you want to see a bunny cop and a fox, two unlikely heroes, band together to solve a mystery that would otherwise cause irreversible damage to their city and its residents? The answer is yes, yes you do. “Zootopia.” The greatest, most entertaining, nonstop rollercoaster of a Disney movie that I’ve ever seen, and if you can hear me out on my reasons, I’m betting by the end of this article, you’ll be nodding along too. 

First, this movie has the special Disney ratio of action to drama. However, “Zootopia” steps up its game when dealing with adventure and anticipation. Its title city portrays the hustle and bustle of life and the interactions between animals of different species and regions that coexist together. This is where the main action is; we see the crazy problems these animals deal with, all while staying in the same city but moving from region to region. However, there are still slower, more tender bits that give time for connection with the characters. These moments are never too long and manage to evade the sappy sob stories that some Disney movies are rife with. All I’m saying is, Cinderella and her mice buddies don’t hold a candle to crazed panthers, mafia based rodents and zenned-out wildebeests. 

Next, “Zootopia” is way more relatable than, say, “Hercules.” Like no, sorry, I didn’t grow up with superhuman strength and later discovered my dad was a Greek god and my parents found me in the mountains. Did you? This Disney movie tells the story of a country bunny who wants to become the first rabbit cop and is soon thrust into a big city, facing a lot of unexpected trouble and crime. Hello, this is the calling card of a small town kid. Following your dreams, hoping they’ll take you places you never imagined. Working for success, even if that means sleeping in a shoebox apartment with horrible neighbors. This is real life but with animals. Who hasn’t encountered annoying bosses or made unlikely friends before? People agree with this movie, which makes them enjoy it. The first time I saw the movie, I could connect with the lead bunny, Judy, and see she was trying to make the world a better place, and so what if she stumbled a little, because we all do.

Last, this movie is amazing because it’s not only for kids. Drug labs, scientific experiments gone wrong and even racism are all components. If someone told me there was a Disney movie with prejudice, hustlers and undercover labs, I’d laugh in their face and maybe scream. While it sounds strange, all of these things in “Zootopia” make it interesting and even thought-provoking. Instead of feeling like my brain is melting while watching a ditsy mermaid give up her voice for a random guy (“The Little Mermaid”), I experience a world where some animals hate others, making me think about our own world and what it says about us. The main message of this movie teaches everyone about acceptance, something that’s as important as it’s sometimes hard to swallow. 

Okay, I feel the judgment of Disney fans who’re waiting to educate me about why “Finding Nemo” or “Mulan” is obviously better. I agree, those and many Disney films are great, but are they really the best? This time, the answer is no, because they don’t have the extra cherry on top that “Zootopia” does, the mixture of heart, humor, darkness and depth that come together to create the perfect, superior Disney sundae that deserves adoration by all.