Making Memories with Music

Rachel Schneider , Opinion Writer

Last June, I went to an Ariana Grande concert and it was amazing. Honestly, she was the first big music artist I went to and I’m so thankful she was. Sorry Mom and Dad, but I don’t count Huey Lewis and the News as my first concert. 

The thing is, I’ve never really been into concerts. Sure, I love to listen to music and have mini singing concerts in my room but I never had a second thought about going to see the music live. Until last March, when my friend Lily told me about how she couldn’t wait to go see BTS and Billie Eilish live. The thought of being in the presence of the person who moves you with their music sounded unreal. So I went online and searched up Ariana Grande tickets and found out she was doing a show right at the beginning of June. I texted my mom immediately, begging her for tickets to see Ariana live. Little did I know she had already bought them as an early birthday present. 

The night of the concert, I was really nervous. I was new to the concert scene, but honestly I couldn’t wait to belt out the words to every song that made me want to dance or cry. I brought my friend Maddie along, and even though she wasn’t even a fan, I think she enjoyed it. The concert, though, really blew me away. All the bright lights and colors were so pretty and it felt like I wasn’t even on earth. All my cares disappeared in that moment as I watched my favorite singer walk across the stage.   

Many may suggest that going to a concert is pointless and since it’s not a materialistic thing and lasts two hours it’s not worth it. To me, it’s not about if it’s an item you can hold, but it’s about the memories you make. I’ll never forget the fact that I saw her sing one of my favorite and iconic songs “everytime” as I shouted every single line till my voice was gone. I look back at how much joy and energy I had at that concert and hope to experience more as I grow older. So go see a concert, it’s a memory you can never forget.