Coming home

Rylee Beardsworth , Sports Writer

According to, a good coach is defined as positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator.

Brylee Bastian is a 2016 Xavier graduate who will get the chance to embody these characteristics as the new coach of the JV girls’ soccer team at Xavier. 

“It was brought to my attention that the position was open and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it,” Brylee said. “Xavier is home to me and I cannot see myself coaching anywhere else.”

While at Xavier, Brylee was involved in many different activities, one of them being the girls’ soccer program. Her experience in this program helped to shape her into the person she is today and she wanted to return the favor.

“The Xavier girls’ soccer program did not just make me a good soccer player, but it made me a good person on and off the field,” Brylee said.

The comradery of the team during her years in the soccer program created an environment that felt like home to Brylee, and she hopes to bring that with her in her new position.

“It gave me a sense of belonging and it felt like more of a family than just a team. I will forever be grateful for that and that is what I want to pass on to my players,” Brylee said.

Now, Brylee will be able to pass the feeling of family onto many different girls’ soccer players, including her sister, Brielle Bastian, who is going into her sophomore season and second season as a varsity player.

“Having my sister on the sideline during our games will be great. She brings a lot of energy, which we need,” Brielle said.

Brylee will bring her own coaching style to the sideline, but many different coaches have influenced her style. The person who impacted her approach to coaching the most was Rocki Shepherd, former girls’ varsity soccer head coach at Xavier.

“Rocki Shepherd was and still is my favorite coach. She always believed in me, pushed me, and always saw potential in me when I did not see it in myself. She is a great role model and I can truly say she is one of my heroes,” Brylee said.

With the role models that Brylee had she is ready to take on this coaching position and to push the players to reach their potentials this season.

“I’ve been ready and excited for this season ever since the day season ended last year. Hopefully this season can end exactly like last year, but we will have to be ready to step up and work hard,” Brielle said.

Brylee is ready to help these players step up and she knows Brielle will be a great example for the rest of the players on the team.

“Brielle is a great soccer player and always works hard,” Brylee said. “I am very proud to call her my sister.”

Come see this sister duo and the Xavier girls’ soccer team in action once the season starts after the postponement to April 13, 2020.