Allie Andrews , A&E Writer

As the school year starts moving to an end, Xavier will celebrate all the hard work and talent students have been putting into the annual spring play, “Noises off”. Three seniors, Christine Hilario, Taylor Scallon and Emma Stadelmann, have been involved in almost every play and musical in their four years at Xavier, typically behind the scenes.Now, these three seniors were given the opportunity to have a few of the lead roles in this year’s play.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I had been cast, especially because I have never been onstage for a Xavier show before,” Stadelmann said.

This is an especially memorable show for Stadelmann because it is her first time on stage and the last show she will be involved in.   

“I was pretty surprised I got cast, to be completely honest. I auditioned on a whim solely because I like doing British accents. I figured since I’m a senior, this would be my last opportunity to be in a show,” Hilario said.

For every senior involved in the play, it is special to them because it is their last show at Xavier and their last show with their friends.

Besides being cast as three leads in this year’s play, all three girls have worked behind the scenes, whether it be in the pit orchestra, sound and light booth or backstage in Xavier’s plays and musicals.

“The sound crew is very close and I love working with each and every member,” Stadelmann said. “The sound booth has become a place where I feel comfortable. Just doing something simple like mic checks gives me a sense of belonging and a purpose in the show as a whole. I will cherish the memories I made in the sound crew, even after I graduate”.

Each role these girls have helped with has left great memories with each of them.

“I have loved working behind the scenes because you get to see a production come to life. Each show is a fresh start and anything can happen after the curtain rises,” Scallon said.

The dates of the shows were originally scheduled for April 27-29, but have been postponed due to the COVID-19. The students are continuing to work hard and prepare for the spring play.