Saints take on Robins mock trial team

Allie Andrews , A&E Writer

For some Xavier students, their passion requires them to collaborate and compete with other schools and go beyond the Xavier community.This passion is mock trial.

Mock trial typically stopsafter eighth grade, but there isa Robins Mock Trial team thatgives high schoolers a chance to pursue what they love. The team is coached by Tim Semelroth, an attorney here in Cedar Rapids who also helps coach Regis’Mock Trial teams. A lot of thestudents on the team attend Xavier and are, reportedly, very passionate about the team.

Every year, teams around Iowa are given a case to study. It isset up just like a regular trial withwitnesses, lawyers and judges.

“Practices are every Wednesday and Sunday, since regionals are on March 5, we have been really cracking down during practices,” sophomore Ava Challenger said.

Regionals were on March 8 and the team placed first. Since they placed first, they willbe moving on to state. If theyreceive first place at state, theywill then move on to nationals.

“Being on the team is sofun,alotofmocktrialisactingand getting into the role ofyour character,” junior Miyako Coffey said. “My favorite partis being able to try out and develop new characters.”

The Robins team prepares the students and teaches them techniques to use during the trials. Most of these students have been involved in mock trial for years and have grown to love what they do along with who they do it with. “Coach Semelroth has been

a part of mock trial foreverso it’s really nice to be able to have him as our coach on the Robins team,” Challenger said.