Healing hands

Hope Schulte, News Writer

Illnesses can come at differentstages or forms in life, but God’s healing and love are forever.

This was the message at the Mental Health Awareness Mass that took place on Wednesday, March 4 in the Ron ThillenGymnasium. This was the firstschool Mass at Xavier High School with a focus on mental health.

Since mental health awareness is an important topic, the Mass was created to show that faith can be a source of strength, compassion and healing. The collection received at Mass was to support Horizons – A Family Service Alliance, which provides life-changing services to the underserved population.

Xavier students had several ways to get involved with the Mass.

“Students were welcome to assist in setting up for Mass, they could volunteer to participate in liturgy singers and could volunteer to provide the liturgical ministries at Mass. They could bring money for the collection, and above all, they could pray,” Campus Ministry Coordinator Mrs. Jody Esker said. “As we gather for the Eucharist, we celebrate the source and summit of life, which is unity with Jesus Christ.”

Fr. Jacob Rouse (X09) presided at the Mass and the readings were selected for the memorial of St. Casimir. St. Casimir was a prince of Poland, but he rejected his royal birth and committed his life to God at an early age.

The music at the Mass also spoke of unity with God and showed that all things are possible with God. Xavier students were able to learn about mental health and celebrate God and every life at the Mass.

“I think mental health awareness is important and all high schoolers should learn about it just as much as we do physical health. Mental health is crucial for learning and for building relationships with other people,” senior Camille Spencer said. “Good mental health helps you understand yourself and grow as a person.”