A special kind of love

Virginia Russell, Opinion Writer

Readers, do you ever find yourselves just lacking in something? Have you ever gotten the feeling that things in your life could be better or that there is simply something missing? Well, stress no more because I am about to enlighten you and make that issue disappear. There is actually a solution to this dull feeling and it’s not what you may think. This solution is comforting, it’s diverse, and most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious. It’s pizza! Also, while this is not an infomercial, it is an opportunity for you all, for the world, to accept the majesticness of pizza and truly recognize its supremacy over all the other foods.

If you really think back in your life, pizza has hopefully popped up a few times. For me, that gooey goodness has always been there, whether that’s at a PlayStation birthday party, a relaxed family dinner or a crazy sleepover. It’s super satisfying to sit back at the end of a long week and settle in with a nice slice and good movie, or maybe not. Maybe you want to hit the town and see what the night holds and dine at that pizza place you’ve been dying to visit. That’s the beauty of pizza: you can dress it up or tone it down.

It can come in handy for numerous reasons too. If the day has just been killer and you refuse to make dinner, what are you gonna do? Well, there’s a takeout pizza place right down the street, so that’s one problem solved. What if your kids are screaming in the backseat en route to that three hour seminar and you’re in a crunch to get them fed before they really go nuts? Mmmm. What’s that great smell coming from the joint just ahead? Yup. Crisis averted.

Someone needs to build a library, or maybe four, logged with all the different kinds because I’m starting to lose track. Anything you want, pizza has. Meat lovers, breakfast, veggie, vegan. As I write, I guarantee there’s new flavors and recipes being invented. I also feel obligated to mention all the toppings if you’re still somehow not convinced. I could fill buckets, a lot of buckets with numerous toppings. Pineapple, mushrooms, broccoli or just good old cheese. Pizza finds a way to incorporate your favorite dishes and foods and mix them in to display a perfect slice of goodness.

Now I know that some want to debate me on the star power of pizza and whether it’s really all that. Well here is my response. I’ll keep it sweet with a little spice, like my favorite sauce flavor.

Imagine that it simply ceased to exist anymore. Without pizza, we wouldn’t get all those awesome moments like fun sleepovers or after-school class parties that carry such a happy atmosphere. Pizza really brings people together through one of the most powerful things in our world. Food. Food is joy and family, it’s laughter and having a good feeling in your stomach at the end of the day. That is one delicious gift. That’s amore.