Team Peter

Rachel Schneider , Opinion Writer

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was easily one of the biggest rom com movie hits of 2018. From the moment I saw the movie, I was hooked onto the romance that was #convinsky. That being said, I am 100 percent team Peter and I don’t think John Ambrose is all that. For those of you not familiar with the books or movies, Lara Jean and Peter have a fairy-tail romance that started off in a unique and somewhat rocky way. They are in a good place at the start of the second book until an old middle school crush of Lara Jean’s, John Ambrose McClaren, shows up in her life. Ever since “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” has come out, many people have been switching sides to John Ambrose, since he appears to be more considerate than Peter. To me, that’s just not right.

Have people totally forgotten about the first movie? Peter has shown that he’s totally boyfriend material since the moment they began dating through the little things he does. Just because another boy comes along that shows interest in Lara Jean doesn’t mean she’s going to immediately run to him and should dump Peter

At first, Peter and Lara Jean’s romance is a classic case of “opposites attract.” Peter might be more outgoing and social, which racis unlike the somewhat reserved Lara Jean, but he makes her step outside her comfort zone without pressuring her in to doing something totally against her character.

Lara Jean also hasn’t seen John Ambrose in a long time. Of course some feelings might come back because they have history, but that was way back in middle school when they bonded over “Harry Potter” books. Time has marched on and they have grown into different people since then. Lara Jean is very sentimental because John Ambrose was one of the five boys that she wrote a letter to, but the one that she really has chemistry with is Peter. He makes an effort to remember the little things about her, like the fact that she doesn’t like driving in the snow.

People might say that John Ambrose is the better choice because of Peter’s relationship with his ex, Gen, which makes their relationship toxic. In the second movie, Lara Jean even overthinks her relationship with Peter because she feels insecure about Peter’s past with Gen. The drama in their relationship comes from Lara Jean’s insecurities, not from Peter.

Peter might not be perfect but, neither is Lara Jean. The problems and situations they go through show that when two people really love each other, no matter their past, they can find their way back to each other. In the end, John Ambrose McClaren from Model UN has got nothing on Peter “woah, woah, woah” Kavinsky.