Sing along to Disney

Maddie Serbousek, Opinion Writer

Many people love Disney music. It’s practically impossible not  to, considering Disney owns everything from Star Wars to Marvel and all of the iconic Disney princesses. Whether or not you prefer the Star Wars series or the classic 90s Disney movies, just about everyone can agree with me when I state that Disney music is amazing.

Now coming from someonewho doesn’t usually sing out loud, unlessI’mintheshoweroralonein my car, I can’t resist singing alongto any Disney song that may play on my endless playlist of music. Disney music has so much heart and passion, and on some days, I would rather listen to any Disneysong instead of what’s on the radio.Nowadays, music on the radio is all about sex or drugs and otherbad influences. Disney music hasa purpose and a passion in each song, that truly speaks to the heart.

From a young age, Disney taught me valuable lessons through the actual movies and TV shows and the songs that go with them. Some people might argue that the classic Disney movies are childish, but you can never really outgrow a good Disney movie.

One of my all-time favorite Disney movies is The Little Mermaid. From a young age,I’ve always wanted to be just likeAriel. I used to (and still kind of do) want to be a mermaid and live under the sea, which is why one of my favorite songs is the classic“Under the Sea.” The first line of the song teaches viewers a lesson of acceptance, by saying “the sea weed is always greener in some body else’s lake.” It’s saying how, for many people, we always want what we don’t have, but the song shares how we should be happy and grateful for what we do have.

Another iconic Disney song that teaches a valuable lesson, is from the movie Moana. The song“How Far I’ll Go” encouragesus to chase after our dreams, no matter how long it takes.

One of my new favorite Disney songs is from the new remake ofAladdin. The song “Speechless”tells us to stay strong and never back down from our beliefs.

Disney music is so good, it’spractically impossible not to sing along. So the next time you hop in your car, plug in your aux cord and turn on some Disney music, I dare you to try and not sing along.