For yourself

Rachel Schneider , Opinion Writer

For a long time, women have worn makeup. Whether that is for fancy weddings or to chill at home, women in general tend to wear makeup.

Makeup is such a cool thing and you can be so creative with it. That’s why it hurts me when people say that makeup is only meant to impress someone or a group of people.

I remember when I first started to wear makeup in middle school and I loved it. My mom introduced me to a little thing called mascara and I was obsessed from then on. It wasn’t much, since I was literally 12-years-old, but nonetheless I loved putting on mascara and some light pink blush everyday.

As I got older, I started to feel like I needed to explore more about makeup to hide a pimple or my baggy eyes after staying up a little too late the night before. I would look up YouTube tutorials on how to put on natural eyeshadow or ways to perfect a dramatic look for a night out. Over these years, I started to feel like makeup was a necessity and I needed to wear it or I should be ashamed of looking disgusting. Makeup started to change my perspective of what I should like and I began to feel insecure whenever I went to school without it. I fed into the lie that makeup is only meant to impress someone or a group of people.

I would tell my friends about how I got up that morning for school and didn’t feel like doing the whole routine of putting on concealer, eyebrow filler, mascara, blush and highlighter. They would look at me crazy and tell me I look gorgeous without it, but something inside of me made me feel different.

Others may argue that using makeup is just that, a way to make you look better and impress people. It can make you look better, but it shouldn’t make you feel worthless when you don’t feel like putting it on. Makeup can be so much more than just trying to look good.

In the past year, I’ve come to see that makeup is an art for me.It doesn’t define me anymore. Itused to be for others’ opinions, and now it’s just for me. I love having the time to put on makeup at home and experimenting withlots of different colors and tryingto steady my hand to make the most perfect winged eyeliner.

Makeup is truly an amazing thing and can be overlooked because women use it so often. It doesn’t matter if you wear lots of makeup or a little, just as long asyou feel confident and love who are,nobody should make you feel less.