So that it “can’t be erased”

Ella Schulte , News Writer

According to Google, leading by leaving a legacy is an achievement reservedspecifically for those who are accredited with havingexceeded expectations.

Moreover, the phrasehall of fame is defined asan institution honoring theachievements of individuals in a particular activity or field.

On Friday, January 31, Joe Bedard (X07), Corey Starry (L93), Hannah Stolba (X00) andJim Victor (R64), who passed away in 2018, will all be inducted into the Xavier Hall of Fame.

A reception will be held forthe inductees’ select guests at 6 p.m. in Xavier’s Library &Media Center, while the officialenshrinement ceremony isto follow in the Ron Thillen Gymnasium during halftime ofthe varsity boys’ basketball game.

Whether an athlete orsupporter, these four alumnis’ legacies will be honored, as each individual will be recognized for the accomplishments they accumulated over the course of theirfouryearsinhighschool.

Starry, a Lancer who wasborn and raised in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, is being applauded for winning the state wrestlingtitle in 1993 at 140 lbs.

Similarly, alumna Stolba has an impressive history as both an athlete and coach, excelling at high school, collegiateand professional levels. Herbiography states that, “Sheis incredibly grateful for the foundation and support thatXavier and its community has given her over the years.”

Victor, who will be awarded posthumously, was said tohave been “a great exampleof showing the importance of giving time, talent andtreasure to the community.”

Lastly, Bedard was a four- sport athlete who contributed to the success of various sportsat Xavier such as baseball andhelping Xavier football to win its first state championship in 2006.

“These four alumni were nominated by friends, family, teachers, coaches, staff and alumni. They achieved and have met the high standard for being inducted into the hall of fame,” President of the Alumni Association Ryan Charkowski said. “Every year I am amazed at the wealth of talentedand giving people that arenominated for these awards.”

Charkowski also mentioned how it is his hope for the future ofthe Alumni Association that thereis more frequent participation through social events. He then went on to state how it would equate to more events that could be held for alumni,like the Alumni Bike Ride.

Not only have Starry, Stolba,Victor and Bedard showedongoing dedication to their communities, but it is clear that these alumni have aided in both preserving and upholding themission of Xavier, that beingto develop the total person in a Catholic environment.

American poet and authorMaya Angelou once said, “Ifyou’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on theworld that can’t be erased.”

For each inductee’s full lengthbiography, check out the link

https://www.xaviersaints. org/news/2020-alumni- hall-of-fame-inductees.