Saints win sportsmanship award

Kya Loffswold, Sports Writer

Sportsmanship can be an important skill to learn. 

For the second consecutive year, Xavier won The Cliff Brees Fall Sportsmanship Award. This award is for outstanding sportsmanship displayed by coaches, athletes and spectators during the fall sports of football and volleyball. 

This competition is between all Mississippi Valley Conference schools. Xavier won the Mississippi division side. 

This award means a lot to many people.

“It means a great deal to me as the Activities Director. I consistently work with our coaches to encourage, promote and practice good sportsmanship,” Adam McDonnell said. “Sports and activities have a far greater meaning than winning and losing.”

Xavier strives to create a well rounded person, and sportsmanship is an important aspect to that.

“Xavier has high expectations not only in the building itself, but throughout the community. Since our activities are an extension of our school, it is important that we practice good sportsmanship,” McDonnell said. 

Many students at Xavier enjoy supporting the football and volleyball teams, hanging out with their friends and cheering on their friends competing. Having students there creates a whole different environment for the players to feed off of for motivation.

“Not only can we feed off the students energy, it makes it a really fun environment to be apart of and play in,” junior volleyball player Elyse Winter said.

The student section enjoys going all out to support their classmates.

“I love dressing up for themes and being able to wave my flag in the crowd, the football student section atmosphere is just so different than any other sport,” junior Miyako Coffey said. 

The students are happy their sportsmanship was recognized.

“It makes me feel proud to go to Xavier where it’s not just about the players but everyone involved,” Coffey said.

Xavier earning this award shows the students and players care more about their reputation as good people than winning the game.

“This award speaks highly of the entire school. The students should be proud that they received this trophy for the second year in a row,” McDonnell said. 

The Xavier athletes and students look forward to competing to win this trophy in years to come.