Christmas cheer

Grace Ries, Editor-In-Chief

“Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for toys and time for cheer.”

Christmas is near ladies and gentlemen. Time to put up the Christmas tree, lights, stockings, garland, anything that screams Christmas.

This is, and always will be, my favorite holiday.

Number One: The music. It is the best I’ve ever listened to and can be listened to year round. Picture this: my friends and I screaming “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber on a car ride while it’s snowing and we are looking at Christmas lights. Name something better, I dare you.

Number Two: The decorations. What’s cuter than Christmas lights strung throughout your house and stockings with your names on them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Don’t even get me started on Christmas trees. When they are all decorated and lit up, it’s like the joy of Jesus being born on Christmas Day.

Number Three: THE FAMILY TRADITIONS WITHHELD IN GATHERINGS. Let me tell you something. My family is the funnest group of people you will ever meet, funnest is a real word and it was made because of my family. Being together, eating together, laughing together is what trumps absolutely any holiday tradition. Our dog piles, singing Christmas carols and dancing to Christmas jams are unforgettable.

Another tradition, held on Christmas Eve, is when my family, my Grandma Jane and Aunt Kim go to St. Patrick’s church and come over to my house and make homemade pizzas. But, wait! The best part is we all wear pajamas after Mass.

I understand why people wouldn’t like Christmas because of the cold weather and snow. Maybe they don’t have a lot of family around to play in the snow with. However, if I’m being honest, that’s my fourth reason. Snow means snow angels, snowmen, snow forts and snowball fights.

Christmas is a time to enjoy the time spent with family, friends and the people you love. Enjoy the memories now while they last because they’re the ones you’ll never want to forget.