Former Xavier employee wins vacation

Allie Andrews , A&E Writer

A warm beach in Mexico might be just what a person in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may need during the winter season. Xavier parent and retired lunch lady, Mary Scallon won a trip from ABC’s “Strahan, Sara, and Keke.”

The chance to win a luxury vacation required Mary to record herself on why she should be the final winner. In her recording, she talked about her husband having knee-replacement surgery and how it was stressful for them. She also mentioned that she was “the number 1 volunteer” for her kids’ schools. Mary was announced the final winner of the contest Passport to Paradise on November 25, 2019. KCRG came to her house as a surprise to tell her she was the final winner. The trip consists of a five night stay at a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Mary was a lunch lady at Xavier High School and had two children attend as well. Her daughter, Alli Scallon (X19), loved seeing her mom through the lunch line at school every day.

“My mom would always give me a heads up if there were strawberries in the line or leftovers from Thanksgiving meal at Xavier,” Alli said.

Xavier operates on the help and support from the Xavier parents. Mary was committed to volunteering at Xavier and being there for the school and her kids in every way possible.

“Making the students smile when they came through the lunch line showed them adults can have fun too,” Mary said.

Mary spends most of her time being a source of support for others and is excited to spend some time to herself on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She is said to have put so much time and effort into making the students at Xavier happy and enjoyed seeing all the students, especially her daughter, at school everyday.

Mexico will be a great way for Mary to “relax.”