Cody Clemenson, A&E Writer

Since the making of Snow White  and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Disney hs produced widley known films. Over the years, Disney has also acquired  many studios and franchises including the Star Wars franchise, Fox and Marvel. 

The next logical step would be to create a platform to allow viewers to watch anything Disney in one place. Thus, Disney+ was created.

Disney+ is Disney’s response to the popularized streaming service model. The service provides a place for fans to watch original movies like the Star Wars and Toy Story series. 

On the first day, Disney+ reached 10 million accounts and 3.2 million app downloads. 

The base subscription costs $6.99 a month.

“I think the pricing is a steal. I would easily pay double the monthly subscription rate for what Disney+ is offering,” science teacher, Mr. Scott Schaub, said.

However, movies are not the only things being offered on the service. A multitude of television shows are being offered as well. Some of them even range back to the 80’s. 

“The shows I am looking forward to watching the most are the old Marvel shows like the old X-Men (‘92) and Spider-Man (‘81) cartoons,” senior Caleb Pacha said.

Disney is also producing new series based on people’s Disney favorites. Already, there are new shows set in the Star Wars and High School Musical universe.

“The series I am most looking forward to watching are all the ones set in the  Star Wars universe,” Schaub said.

With a slew of TV shows, movies and many more to come, people are confident in the platform sticking around for a long time. 

“I believe this platform will last because Disney is a huge company with the rights to many movies and shows, so they will be able to provide more content continuously,” Pacha said. “The show that I am the most excited to watch in the future is Marvel’s What If?… series, which is an animated show of the Marvel movies with a twist to each one that I think will be very entertaining.”

Disney+ is out now, just in time for Walt Disney’s birthday on Thursday, December 5.